What I Believe

I will use my experience successfully implementing state programs to help shape policy for the benefit of the people of St. Johnsbury. 

I'm focussed on these priorities as the surest path to prosperity.
My commitment to you is to research the issues, learn from different points of view, and reach solutions that move us forward. 

  • Sustainable Economic Growth. Private businesses provide jobs. Government policies can help create the conditions where businesses thrive and can pay livable wages. We need universal broadband internet and cellphone service. We need public amenities that attract new residents and keep young people here – such as a riverfront park with access to the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail bike path.

  • Affordable Health Care. My wife, Mary Ready, is a doctor, with first-hand, daily experience of the dysfunction of our current health-care and insurance system. Too many people have been victimized and bankrupted by it. Ultimately, health care is a right, not a privilege. We need to make it affordable to be healthy. Medicare is a publicly run system that works. We should transition to a Medicare-for-all model.

  • Housing and Education. These are the twin pillars of future prosperity. We need housing policies that foster a healthy mix of market-rate and affordable housing, and that incentivize owners to improve their properties and make them more energy-efficient. We need education policies that manage costs and continue to provide opportunities for all students. We have two great schools in St. Johnsbury -- St. Johnsbury School and St. Johnsbury Academy. State education policy must support both.


Please see my response the 2018 VTDigger candidate survey. 

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