My Story

 scott, cyrus, anna, mary, noah

scott, cyrus, anna, mary, noah

I moved to Vermont in 1987, just before I married my love, Mary Ready, in the Old Round Church in Richmond.  After starting a family in West Bolton — these 3 wonderful children — we moved to St. Johnsbury 11 years ago. We both felt at home in St. J immediately.

Being a parent has been the most rewarding experience imaginable. I have always been active in their lives, from diaper-changing, to stories at bedtime, to coaching little league teams, to high school math homework, to college applications. While Mary was in medical residency in Maine, and then getting her feet on the ground here in St. Johnsbury, I was the primary at-home parent. I will forever cherish that time.

Noah graduated from University of Pennsylvania with business and engineering degrees, and is an internet entrepreneur in San Francisco. Anna graduated from Middlebury College and is starting studies toward becoming a certified nurse midwife. Cyrus is in his last year at Stanford University, majoring in history and creative writing.  

Track Record

 Jacob Hannah photo, courtesy 3E Thermal

Jacob Hannah photo, courtesy 3E Thermal



My background is construction: carpenter, contractor, building designer. But 25 years ago, I sought a way to offer building services to folks who needed it the most but were least able to afford it, and to combine it with  environmental responsibility. I accepted a position directing the Weatherization Assistance Program for Chittenden, Addison, Franklin, and Grand Isle Counties. 

Weatherization is a housing and energy program that helps lower-income homeowners and renters make their homes safer and more comfortable, while at the same time reducing their energy bills. Since 2009 I have directed a similar program, 3E Thermal, serving apartment buildings statewide. 3E is based at Capstone Community Action, in Barre.


I have served on the Board of Catamount Film & Arts since 2010. In that time Catamount has emerged as a true community arts center offering: arts education; performing arts, including daytime presentations for area school children, regular bluegrass and folk shows, and KCP Presents concert series; First Night St. Johnsbury; as well as gallery presentations and two film theaters. 

I am also actively involved in the revitalization effort spearheaded by the Vermont Council on Rural Development 'community visit' in spring 2015, specifically on the Economic Restructuring Committee. Other members and I are focussing on restoration of the old Armory on Main Street as a community activity center.

I have participated in past Town planning efforts, and am part of St. Johnsbury's Energy Committee. 

When I first moved to St. Johnsbury, I supplemented my work as an independent building designer with substitute-teaching at St. Johnsbury Academy. I also joined Kiwanis until my job in Barre and membership on the Catamount Arts Board left me with too little time.  

In the past I have served on the School Board and Town Library Board in China, Maine, and Recycling Committee and Planning Commission in Bolton, Vermont. 


I am a graduate of Cornell University, Bachelor of Arts, Government, 1974.

I have attended numerous building science training sessions -- as well as presented many -- since 1991.

I attended high school at Gilman School in Baltimore, Maryland.


Thank you!

Your help and encouragement has been invaluable!

Michelle Fay, campaign wrangling and all-round help
Celia Jackmauh, logo and graphic design
Noah Ready-Campbell, website and internet consulting
Corinne Johannson, photography (also Michelle!)
Mary Ready, sounding board and biggest supporter